Writing Desks

Unadorned and Noble

Unostentatious and elegant. Functional and without frills. Solid but not at all clumsy. Entirely natural wood which also feels like it. Using traditional craftsmanship we create an exclusive product which is being manufactured with a lot of time, enthusiasm and commitment.

The Stubenrauch-Hamburg Writing Desks combine this pursuit of uniqueness with a distinct design and discreet practicality.

Irregularities in the wood (e.g. limbs, knotholes, pressure marks, differences in color) grant the writing desk individuality and are intended to be that way. Change of ambient temperature and humidity can cause small fissures, because wood is a natural material and particularly solid wood is always “working”. These features make your desk one of a kind and emphasize it´s natural character.

TT_GE – Massive Oak

TT_KN – Massive Walnut

TT_KE – Massive Oak

TT_GN – Massive Walnut

Details & Fotos

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