TT_GE – Massive Oak

The TT_GE, made of massive oak-wood, places unintrusive emphases in your home and easily disposes of computer periphery and cable tangle into it´s inside. The oil-impregnated surfaces feel silky and noble.

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Allthough dimensioned generously and massive, the TT_GE looks jaunty and sophisticated. The minimalistic design limits itself to the essential. On top of that the bright oak-wood conciliates heavy quality and a pleasant feel. Like with all the other Stubenrauch-Hamburg desks, the hatch in the middle of the tabletop grants access to it´s inside, where you can easily hide plug sockets, cellphone chargers, computer periphery and lots of other things. The slender trench in the back allows to lead through cables from the inside of the desk to devices planted on top of it. Another one is located at the rear side to facilitate the usage of connections with large plugs.

Weight Ca. 56 kg
Dimensions Width: 148cm Depth: 82cm Height: 75cm
Material Massive oak-wood, oiled
Special characteristics Hidden space under the center-lid; one cable fairlead up, one at the back