Classiness and function

Designing furniture is an exciting and versatile domain. Over the years one trend replaces the next, some recur and sometimes one creates something timeless, maybe even a style icon.

With our typical nordic approach our objects don´t lose themselves in ornateness and unimportant details, but rake your enthusiasm through a harmonious piece of furniture, which is balanced towards actual necessities, without, at the same time, losing sight of the certain something.

Our Credo – Focus upon the essential

We stand for a small line of products, highest possible quality, serial-numbered units and the standard to realize every object in 100% perfection. Our tables are crafted in elaborate hand work, while we are making sure to only use FSC-Certified timber from ecological and sustainable forestry.
The final polishing is done with natural oil, free of all kinds of chemical additives, which grant the wood it´s silky look and feel just very pleasant.

We put a lot of passion into doing our best to offer you highest quality products to a fair price-performance ratio. Your joy and satisfaction is our reward.

Steffen Stubenrauch, Founder.